Hi, My name is Brian, I am the owner of
Dirt Cheap Web Design.

I want to be part of your team and serve your business.

Virtual website Assistant $49 a Month.
Here is whats included for $49 a month

  • Free domain forever

  • Website hosting is covered

  • Photo service (licensed Photos)

  • Support any changes you need

  • Content creation (writing pages)

  • Logo design (for your website)

  • Google strategy for advertising

  • Up to 12 pages for your website

  • Cancel at any time (send a text)

  • Accept payments through paypal

  • Forms, (applications, and services)

  • Email service (answering emails)

I take pride in my work. Customer satisifaction is my goal with every website i do.
I make simple websites that look good and help with sales.

When you hire me you are hiring a sales agent for your business, only $49 to start.
I will stick with you and your website. I will work with you and help you succeed.

My low monthly pricing guarantees it.

The Benifits of Having a Website

From improving your visibility, empowering your customer services to generating leads
a website is critical for a business to have in this new age of technology.

97% of customers look online for local businesses. If you run your business
without having a website, you may be missing on those large numbers of consumers.

If you don’t have a website for your business, it means that your business does not exist
for 97% of those Internet users.

A website not only provides information about your business, but it also improves credibility and boosts your sales.

If you are interested in getting a website check the FAQ section for more info about what i do. Calls and texts are welcome.

Payments, secure checkout with Stripe. To subscribe to web design service click the button below.You dont need to have a stripe account you just need a credit card.

It is $49 a month, if you subscribe it will come out automatic every month.

To unsubsrcibe to web design service, Just call or text .


My name is Brian . I am a solo web designer. I design simple creative websites at low cost. As of right now I'm just starting up this business.

I'm just trying to get busy and earn a little extra cash. Web designers can be expensive. To solve this problem I'm offering a cheaper, more simple solution.

I used to work with WordPress to build my websites. I worked with WordPress for about 8 years building my own websites. But I switched to a more secure, and inexpensive platform. I build my websites with www.carrd.co

I used to do landscaping and mowing. I have done that for 15 years , but it got too hot.

Thanks for reading, you have a good one.

My websites are pretty basic and simple but good looking.

A domain is your web address ( URL) an example of a domain is google.com or craigslist.com or facebook.com. I can hook up a website to any domain but I have to sign into your domain name provider. And when I hook your website up it will override your old website if you had one.

Web hosting service is a company with powerful server computers that serve your website to the internet. And you pay them annually or monthly.Quality Website hosting will cost you $8.99 to $15.00 a month no matter who you have build your website. Those are GoDaddy prices

  • I don't do membership websites where people login.

  • I do not do SEO, but I do a google strategy where your phone shows up

  • I do not do e-commerce websites.

  • I can install paypal for payments

  • I can do a contact form

  • My websites are optimized for mobile devices

  • I can embed little things like music and video.

  • Domain is free forever, if you have an exesting domain i can install a website on it

  • Web hosting is covered in the $13 a month

I have done 2 websites so far, on this new platform. Help me add to my portfolio, thanks for looking.

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Dirt Cheap Web Design