The Benifits of Having a Website

From improving your visibility, empowering your customer services to generating leads a website is critical for a business to have in this new age of technology.
97% of customers look online for local businesses. If you run your business without having a website, you may be missing on those large numbers of consumers. Gone are the days when people used to pull out the bulky Yellow Pages to find your business.
If you don’t have a website for your business, it means that your business don’t exist for those 97% Internet users.

A website not only provides information about your business, but it also improves credibility and boosts your sales.

If you are interested in getting a website check the FAQ section for more info about what i do. Calls and texts are welcome. I do lots of my work at night, I'm a night owl, so I will get back to you by the next business day if i do not answer.

Payments, secure checkout with Stripe. To subscribe to web design service click the button below.You dont need to have a stripe account you just need a credit card.

To unsubsrcibe to web design service you click the same button below.

My name is Brian . I am a solo web designer. I Design simple creative websites at low cost. As of right now I'm just starting up this business.

I'm just trying to get busy and earn a little extra cash. Web designers can be expensive. To solve this problem I'm offering a cheaper, more simple solution.

I used to work with WordPress to build my websites. I worked with WordPress for about 8 years building my own websites. But I switched to a more secure, and inexpensive platform. I build my websites with

I used to do landscaping and mowing. I have done that for 15 years , but it got too hot.

Thanks for reading, you have a good one.

My websites are pretty basic and simple but good looking.

I can do up to six pages. I can also do a one-page website. It's the same price.

I don't do membership websites where people login.

I do not do SEO or advertising.
I do not do e-commerce websites.
I can upload GIF images to your website (moving picture) if I can find a gif on the topic or make a gif That relates to your business.
I can install stripe for payments
I can do a contact form
My websites are optimized for mobile devices
I can embed little things like music and video.

A domain is your web address ( URL) an example of a domain is or or I can hook up a website to any domain but I have to sign into your domain name provider. And when I hook your website up it will override your old website if you had one.

Web hosting service is a company with powerful server computers that serve your website to the internet. And you pay them annually or monthly.Quality Website hosting will cost you $8.99 to $15.00 a month no matter who you have build your website. Those are GoDaddy prices.

I am just starting up on this website building platform. I have done one website so far, on this new platform. Help me add to my portfolio, thanks for looking.

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